Kiwanis Kingston Classic Tip 9 from The Daily Freeman

Endorphins and your excitement level will be high as you prepare for the start of the Kiwanis Kingston Classic 10k.

Harnessing that energy and avoiding a bonk during the race needs to be a conscious part of your thinking before and during the race.

Too many runners make the mistake of lining up next to faster runners and “jumping out of the gate” when the field lurches forward.

Your task is to take it easy and go slow, especially if this is your first 10k or your first race of the year.

You don’t want an injury early on to take you out of the race and you certainly don’t want to spend all your energy in the first half so you’ve got nothing left for the second.

Another common mistake is not visiting the water stations when you get near them. Granted, 10k is not an extremely long distance, but don’t let dehydration take control and create problems, especially on a warm day.

One thing you will notice is people passing you and you going by others. Don’t worry about either of them–stick to your plan and run for the goal you’ve set for yourself.

When you get to the finish, follow the directions of the volunteers and get yourself refueled. Enjoy the post-race festivities and treat yourself to a nice hot shower when you get home.

Be sure to take it easy the following day, either resting completely or doing some light cross-training.

The idea is to enjoy the experience so that you will want to race again. Good luck and see you at the finish line.

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